Mountains have always loomed large in my life.

Always there on my horizon beckoning me towards them.

While awe inspiring and life enhancing, mountains also demand respect as there are potential real dangers for those with a lack of knowledge, understanding and training.

I have slowly gathered all my snow adventures together along with precious memories of my incredible avalanche dog, Fjord. Little by little, I created this book for children, a fun, interactive way to stay safe in the winter resorts.

I want everyone to feel the deep joy I have felt there, but I also want everyone to be safe. I don’t have all the answers and neither does this book; it is though based on tried and tested knowledge from years of experience working in the mountains.

Use this book as a starting point to find your own way safely through the snowy mountains.

Fjord, my much-missed faithful companion.

All the women seen below have kindly contributed to Fjord's Mountain Mission. Inspiring role models each within their own right, I'd like to thank each of you for your words to support this project.